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Welcome to Heyuan Kaiyuan Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd!

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Popular keywords:Tungsten copper, tungsten copper alloy, tungsten copper electrode high-voltage contact, 

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Kaiyuan cemented carbide·Product center

One stop manufacturing service provider for hard alloys, tungsten copper alloys, and high density alloys

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Many yearsYears of industry experience



Strength creates true quality, and Kaiyuan hard alloy has multiple honorary certifications

Kaiyuan cemented carbide·One stop enterprise

Kaiyuan has been engaged in the research and development of cemented carbide and various tungsten alloys for ten years, and the company has experienced production technology and management talents,Having strong design and production capabilities, and establishing a complete quality management system

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Original factory price advantage while ensuring after-sales quality



Modern management, authoritative qualification certification

Equipped with advanced production equipment and a comprehensive inspection system

Complete range of products and wide range of applications

Kaiyuan cemented carbide·Production strength

Establishing industry benchmarks and advanced manufacturing equipment, Kaiyuan will safeguard your quality

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Strength creates true quality,

Kaiyuan Cemented Carbide has multiple honors and certifications, striving to meet and exceed customer expectations



Better price

Faster service

Better quality assurance

workshop environment

production equipment

external environment

production equipment

Heyuan Kaiyuan Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

Focus on

R and D

Professional manufacturing

Dedicated service

Focusing on Heyuan Kaiyuan Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. is located in the excellent tourism city Heyuan High tech Development Zone.

At present, the company's main products are tungsten copper alloys, cemented carbide, and high density alloys. Tungsten copper alloys mainly include various electrical contact materials, machining electrodes, welding electrodes, shielding materials, aerospace materials, and electronic packaging sheets. Hard alloy products mainly include various woodworking tools, mechanical tools, various stamping dies, wire drawing dies, cold heading dies, various serrated pieces, drill bits, ball teeth, etc. for geological and mining tools. Both conventional and non-standard parts can be customized.







Established in

Industry experience

Active personnel

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Address: No.9 Gaopu Road, High tech Zone, Heyuan City9号

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